Top Dead Centre MCC

Right To Ride welcomes the Top Dead Centre MCC as a new club supporter.

The club has been *On the road* together since September 2001 and they explain how that has evolved to the present day.

The Top Dead Centre MCC evolved in October 2010 after nearly ten years of membership with their previous club venture, which the club say was a fantastic ride & invaluable experience for all involved. The clubs current membership consists of a large number of these folk with quite a few new & old faces coming along frequently to join the club’s busy social schedule, camaraderie & general biking ethos.

That 10 years *On the Road* together brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge, biking experience & high mileage along to the TDC MCC. This has created the perfect foundations for a strong outfit with some of the member’s leathers definitely having seen better days.

We take pride in Our Club favouring Quality over Quantity hence the limited membership rule. Our ranks are well structured with a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer & the other officers forming the efficient well oiled machine, that is Top Dead Centre MCC.

That membership comes from various locations predominantly N. Ireland & also the UK mainland, with a limited number residing through Scotland.

Our members have created and participated in dozens of affiliations with various organisations, associations and charities over the years and been directly involved in the accumulation of over £100,000 of charitable donations through our activities in our previous venture.

TDC MCC focus favourably on the club, its members & activities presently, with charitable causes kept to a minimum with such a busy calendar of annual club events.

We cover a broad range from Learners to Oldtimers with a wide range of beliefs and social backgrounds. The Bikes range from 125cc to Cruisers, Beemers, GSXR’s, and Relics.

We share the common interest of riding motorcycles, enjoying each other’s company and having a bit of “craic”.

We don’t actively canvas for membership, if you like what you see and wish to be considered for membership then feel free to contact via a member of the organising body, telephone or email. TDC MCC operate a minimum 3 month probationary period, which helps to identify an individual’s personality, qualities & benefits before gaining full club membership.A minimal annual fee is payable to cover your badge, administration & operating costs for the year.

Times, location & all other info is available on our website with meetings alternating between club business and general socialising.

We’re living the life all year round, no rest for the wicked……..


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