Norn Iron Biker Comedy

Hitting our small screens is a new comedy webseries called “The Clandestine” and even better it is set in Northern Ireland in Belfast.

“The Clandestine” is about a group of geeks who form a secret outlaw motorcycle club in order to exact revenge on all those who have persecuted them over the years.

“The Clandestine” is explained as, “It’s Sons of Anarchy meets The Office.” with the show featuring, “Killer motorbikes, sexy ladies, geeks doing dangerous stuff, a great sense of humour, and a soundtrack packed with music from the best up and coming bands in the Irish rock scene.”

Video Hacker, in association with Banjax Ltd. is producing the comedy webseries using an innovative financing strategy.

Crowd funding

Sites like are growing ever popular for start-up projects. Still, most successful Kickstarter video projects are low cost, unless they come with celebrity endorsements. Video Hacker is therefore using the site to raise only 25% of the budget, a far more achievable goal.

Public funding

For exactly the same reason that HBO came to Northern Ireland, the financing can benefit from 25% of production being funded by Northern Ireland Screen.


The show appeals to motorbikers, and is attractive to motorcycle and motorcycle culture brands. With 50% of the budget paid for, sponsors can be more easily courted for the remainder of the budget. – – based in Killyleagh is already confirmed as a brand sponsor.

Other businesses and individual motorcycles can get involved in sponsorship by pledging money, with a range of benefits from, your name in the credits, HD digital downloads of each episode as they come out, HD download of the whole series once it’s finished, to a limited edition WANOYFBH hoodie and right up to various benefits on product placement and advertising and a lot more.

Find out how, view “The Clandestine” and read background information on Kickstarter – Click Here

Right To Ride

At Right To Ride we have watched through the 1st episode a couple of times, just to make sure, did he really say that and have a few out loud laughs, along with a couple of smirks and chuckles.

You can also view and find out more on “The Clandestine” at –

 “The Clandestine” – 1st Episode

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