We Bought A Mop!

At Right To Ride we went along to last weekend’s annual Adelaide Motorcycle Festival at the Kings Hall in Belfast, which according to organiser Billy Nutt, “Was a huge success with a record attendance over the three-days.

As Billy Nutt also said about this aspect of the show, “It was a timely social occasion combined with business opportunities.”

At the show we saw that the Driver & Vehicle Agency had a stand with information on the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course and information on the motorcycle licence changes due in January 2013 through the EU Third Licence Directive. Apart from the information we have at Right To Ride further information will soon be available on www.nidirect.gov.uk/motoring

We got leaflets from:

Global Enduro tours www.globalenduro.com

Hole Shot Racing Engine Tuning and Dyno Testing www.holeshotracing.co.uk

Ards Festival of Speed on the 9th & 10th June www.ardsfestivalofspeed.com

Nutt Travel deals on sailings – short breaks – Assen and trips to Donington www.nutttravel.com

Custom Dipping Specialists – 3D DIP – which can put designs such as Carbon Fibre and other fantastic graphics on parts from plastics to the petrol tank – www.3d-dip.co.uk

First Bike on Scene (FBoS) delivered by B.I.K.E.R.S Training Ireland, were on the PSNI BikeSafe stand offering a similar course to the recently launched First Aid For Riders www.firstaidforriders.org First Aid courses, which are delivered by the St John Ambulance for riders whether on two wheels – motorcycles and scooters or three wheels – trikes,.

Like a bus you wait for one and then two come along!

For those that prefer their motorcycle engines to be of the V Twin variety, American and Harley Davidson and with the demise of the Harley Davidson dealer Province Wide we ran into John Lilley.

Working alongside Volcano Valley Choppers, John who is a Certified Automotive Engineer and a current Harley-Davidson master technician (level 5 Master Technology) has set up “Long John’s Workshop”.

John told us that, ”Long John’s Workshop will specialise in maintenance, repair and modification in Harleys of all years.” adding, “However all bikes are welcome, especially MZ’s, big singles, battered 80’s UJM’s and two stroke race bikes. Don’t be afraid to ask.”

Further details of Long John’s Workshop can be found on the Volcano Valley Choppers website at www.volcanovalley.com/news.asp

So we had a walk around chatted and nattered, we didn’t come away with the latest bike or new gear or accessories, all we bought was a “wonder” mop which is purple and yellow and could be classed as the best gadget in show!

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