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Apparently everyone’s views, especially those of older people, are being sought in a survey aimed at improving road safety.

In 2010, 106 people aged 65 and above were killed or seriously injured on our roads, including 26 pedestrians.

Department for the Environment Minister Alex Attwood said: ‘These are chilling statistics. We know that older people are one of the most at risk groups on our roads and that they are particularly vulnerable when out walking. Improving their safety is a priority for my Department and a key part of Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Strategy to 2020, which recognises that older people will form an increasing proportion of the population here in the years ahead.”

Inviting all road users to fill in a survey which is available online or that can be posted out, the Minister added: “I value the views of the whole community and would encourage everyone, not only older people, to take part in this important research. This is part of an ongoing project which will help us to better understand the issues involved and develop new ways to tackle them.”

The survey can be completed by people of all ages and the questions will be automatically tailored to suit your age range. However, although the questions are designed to help find out about the behaviours and attitudes of road users as drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists, you will note there is no mention of motorcyclists or any derivation of two wheels – scooterists or three wheels – Trike Riders.

At Right To Ride we are sure there is no conspiracy to exclude riders, because the content of the survey and its aims to investigate the main causes of, and factors contributing to, road collisions involving older people are more important.

Right To Rides, Trevor Baird, said, “The questions in the survey ask your views on, assessment to drive at 70+ years, a section for Older Drivers (60 years +) which goes in-depth into ability and issues for those over 60+ as a car diver, a pedestrian, a cyclists, Public Transport but not motorcyclists.”

However the survey does ask your views on your experience of older drivers and the data may also be used in a wider European study (the ‘SaMERU’ – Safer Mobility for Elderly Road Users – Project) into improving road safety of older people.

Like most “good” surveys at the end you can leave, “any additional comments including any suggestions on how the road safety of older people could be improved”.

At Right To Ride however, we are sure that riders will comment how disappointing it is that motorcycles – scooters or mopeds as motorised transport are not included in the survey and take the opportunity to comment as a 60+ rider or as a younger rider, on the issues.

The survey will run until the end of February and can be filled in at the following link and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete or you can request for it can be posted out to you:

Road safety survey – SurveyMonkey website – Click Here

Original Source: Click Here


The information from the Department of the Environment states that:
Older people are one of the most ‘at risk’ groups on Northern Ireland’s roads. They are particularly vulnerable when out walking. Improving their safety is a priority. In 2010, 106 people aged 65 and above were killed or seriously injured on our roads, including 26 pedestrians.
The survey is short and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. All information provided will be treated as confidential and no individuals will be identified in the analysis.
Of the 516 road traffic collision fatalities between 2006 and 2010, 71 (14%) were aged 65 and over. This age group also accounted for 553 (10%) of the 5,741 people killed and seriously injured (KSIs) during the period 2006-2010.
People aged 65+ were the third highest age group for pedestrian fatal and serious casualties, accounting for 16% of all those killed or seriously injured while walking.
Considering the most recent casualty data available, in 2010, six people aged 65 and over were killed in road traffic collisions (three drivers and three pedestrians) and 100 people aged 65+ were seriously injured (42 drivers, 28 passengers, 23 pedestrians, three motorcyclists, one pedal cyclist, and three other road users).

Other Information

SaMERU – Includes elderly car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and investigates to what extent they are more susceptible to injury in a collision and whether they drive or ride differently from other groups –


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