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The First Aid For Riders promotional DVD is in production with Bluebird Media and a big thanks to the Quay Vipers MCC guys for a cold days filming up at Dundrod.

Some comments from the Quay Vipers MCC: “What a great Day-!! Started off a bit crap for me as the battery was dead but with the help of the AA eventually got to the location.

We did a lot of scenes , from arriving at the accident scene, securing the road, reassuring and working with the casualty and the arrival of a Police motorcycle with lights and siren going… should make a great DVD…
As usual the craic was mighty and apart from the cold everyone worked well together with the film guys and things went to plan.
It felt as if you were working on a real casualty and doing a practical exercise. I’m really looking forward to doing this first aid course and would recommend that other bike clubs or individual motorcyclists sign up for it…here’s the link..just do it”
“Yep Great day out, practical training and great craic.

Be interesting to see the end result and how its going to be used.”

Photos from the day can be viewed on Flicker – Click Here

Or on the First Aid For Riders Facebook Group – Click Here

The Credits

Quay Vipers MCC are at –

Thanks to PSNI – BikeSafe in Northern Ireland can be found by – Clicking Here

Bluebird Media at –

As they say watch this space for the launch of the First Aid For Riders DVD………………..

Rider Risk Videos

The Motorcycle Council (MCC) of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia has released its “Rider Risk” video series: a ten part series of videos aimed at improving rider skills.

The videos are introduced by Adventure Rider, Steve Crombie, who says, “motorcycling is all about managing risk and covering your arse while building up your skills” and continues, “These episodes are a mix of theory, facts and exercise, we’re talking about skills for every day riding.”

There’s the down to earth Australian frankness in parts of the videos and includes issues to start debates, to get riders of all skill levels thinking and talking.

There is really good information, including: Braking – Counter steering – Protective Clothing – Pillions – Cornering – Classic Crash Scenarios – Reading Road Users – Group Riding and Crash Scene First Aid.

First Aid for Riders Video

View the videos at “Rider Risk” – Click Here
View the videos on the “Rider Risk” YouTube Channel – Click Here

Meanwhile the – Crash Scene First Aid – Rider Risk


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