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Over at Ride It Right we have picked up that motorcycle safety campaigns or initiatives are nothing new and often, it looks as if they have all been done before.
These “Public Information Films” featured are from the UK and across the world from Australia and are a few generations distant from the youngest of today’s riders.
However even with the language, the bikes, the  clothing, the use of statistics, the speeded up accident scenarios and a bit of the attitude of the young riders of the day, the message is still the same.
Did the message of past generations help riders stay safe?
Are today’s safety messages “on target” to save lives?
Safety initiatives spring up each year with the daffodils.  Rider assessments such as BikeSafe and advanced training such as the IAM or RoSPA are gearing up for a new season.
Our generation of riders has You Tube and Social Networking sites that were not even thought of way back in the 1950s.
You will find all sorts of safety advice and training videos on these sites, a virtual avalanche of information that you can spend hours looking at hopping around the web.
But is there an overkill of information?
Is there simply too much virtual information?
Do riders now think that to go out and physically take an assessment or to complete a course is no longer relevant or really worth the effort?
Whatever your opinion, looking back over time, there are still things that we can learn.

Two Wheel Worship

[youtube WCy7sHBM_L0 nolink]

Rode Safely Victor Horsman Liverpool 1955

[youtube gUxRmDHeE44 nolink]

Look, Signal, Manoeuvre

[youtube aLAVx19vOZw nolink]

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