First Aid for Riders Launched

First Aid for Riders has officially launched its website and the first of the tailored First Aid courses, which are delivered by the St John Ambulance for riders whether on two wheels – motorcycles and scooters or three wheels – trikes.

First Aid for Riders has now become a reality with the involvement of the St John Ambulance and the award of a DOE Road Safety Grant, through the Community Transport Association (CTA) to bring the initiative to the motorcycling community across Northern Ireland.

Bryan Myles, the manager responsible for the funding at CTA said, “We are delighted to be awarding the grants on behalf of the Department of the Environment to help organisations make their local roads safer for everyone. We know that the voluntary sector plays a significant role in reaching some of the most vulnerable people in society and we hope that this funding can further inspire creative people to do even more to improve the safety on our roads”.

The St John Ambulance, “Is pleased to be associated with the First Aid for Riders scheme in Northern Ireland. Despite the great moves forward in road safety over the years, collisions do still occur and it is important that first aid care is provided promptly when injuries happen.

The course that we are running in association with the First Aid for Riders Scheme will give delegates the skill and confidence required to be able to care for a casualty until the arrival of the emergency medical services.”

The First Aid for Riders course content will consist of:

Bone, muscle and joint injuries;
Casualty movement;
Communication and casualty care;
Emergencies in public;
Head injury;
Primary survey;
Resuscitation (adult);
Removal of a crash helmet;
Unconscious casualty.

The course takes place over six hours, after which successful delegates receive a St John Ambulance (NI) certificate that is valid for three years.

Rendering First Aid to a motorcyclist involves many additional considerations that may not be “instructed” in basic first aid courses, for example a motorcyclist may be wearing heavy leathers, armour and should be wearing a helmet means that delivering essential lifesaving first aid to bikers can be more life critical. Thus to give course attendees a flavour of rendering First Aid as a rider out on the road delegates are asked to attend with their normal motorcycle riding gear.

Trevor Baird, the initiatives coordinator says, “The goal of First Aid for Riders is to reduce death and serious injuries of motorcyclists and other road users by disseminating first aid knowledge in the motorcycle community.

I hope riders never have to use what they have learned on the course, but by attending one of these courses riders could be making the difference between a life lost and a life saved.”


For First Aid For Riders course details – Click Here

The Quay Vipers MCC and Top Dead Centre MCC motorcycle clubs have booked two of the five initial courses and riders can book online two of the confirmed courses, which are being held in Belfast, with the fifth to be confirmed, which will be held in Ballymena or Coleraine.

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  1. Spaces still available for First Aid for Riders course this Saturday 11 Feb 2012 – 09:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    At the St John Ambulance in Northern Ireland – Knockbracken Healthcare Park – Saintfield Road.
    Cost £30 per person
    Click Here To Book a Place

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