New Assembly Website

New Assembly ‘Shop Window’ Launched.

The Northern Ireland Assembly new website – the window to the work of the Assembly – was unveiled in December 2011.

The Assembly reports that the new site is packed full of new features, is easy to use and designed to give visitors more information and a better experience.

This includes a list of exciting new features includes a sophisticated new search facility to see what MLAs and Committees are doing; details of questions that MLAs have asked Ministers and the ability to see the answers almost immediately; a fun MLA recognition quiz, online maps of constituency offices and options to subscribe to individual sections of the website.

Off interest to Right To Ride is the Assembly Information Management System (AIMS).

The AIMS portal provides the public with access to all sorts of information from – Contact information for MLAs – Information on all plenary business and the decisions of the Assembly – Assembly questions and answers through a search engine.

At Right to Ride this is a boon, as trying to get information from the previous Northern Ireland Assembly website was to say the least frustrating and at the most a disaster.

Speaker of the Assembly William Hay MLA said: “The aim of this project is to make it easier for people to find out what’s happening here at the Assembly and encourage them to use the site to engage with us.

“The new website is all about the people who use it. From the start of the project, we consulted with internal and external stakeholders on the new design asking people what they wanted and this is reflected in how the website looks, feels and provides information.

“Over the coming months the site will develop further with new features to make the user experience richer and more interactive but I think those who are interested in the work of the Assembly, whether it be plenary business, Committee sessions or activities outside the Chamber, will find a vast improvement in being able to access the information they need.”

We have already picked up issues that we were aware of but the access to the information gives a lot more details, which we will be reporting on, so give it a try and see what you can pick up as regards to motorcycling.

For the Aims Portal – Click Here

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