Mid-Ulster Bikers

Right To Ride welcomes as a new supporter in 2012 the Mid-Ulster Bikers.

The Mid-Ulster Bikers Forum as the name suggests is based in the Mid Ulster area of Northern Ireland and was set up in May 2011 for riders who expressed a desire to form a local motorcycle club for ALL types of biker in the local area, and not one that focuses just on sports machines or choppers for example.

Part of the formation of the club is through this online forum for riders to broadly discuss motorcycling.

The forum now has over 230 members and is free for ANY motorcycle enthusiast to join from ANY area, regardless of location and welcomes ALL genres of bike  – with no obligation at all to join the club.

The Mid-Ulster Bikers Forum has proven to be a great resource for all motorcyclists.

In joining the forum YOU can also avail of it’s many features – advertise your Bike, sell Parts & Clothing for free, find out about Rideouts, join in Live Chat, view Videos, discuss all forms of Motorcycle Racing, upload to the Picture Gallery,  ask for mechanical advice and join in the general banter.

But it’s not all about sitting on a computer, there are rideouts organised either just for a local meet or heading away on weekend trips around Ireland/Scotland, regular day trips to Scotland/Wales and overseas events.

Club Charity events will also be arranged for local Mid Ulster Charities.

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