Regulation Amendments

The amendments to the European Commission proposal for a regulation on the approval and market surveillance of two- and three wheelers and quadricycles, voted on by the European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) on the 5th December 2001, have been published.

We are currently wading through the document to see what amendments have been deleted and what has been voted through by MEPs.

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Positive Amendment?

(3a) More than 70 % of the Union’s population lives in urban areas while approximately 85 % of the Union’s GDP is generated in cities. All major cities in Europe aim to reduce congestion, accidents and pollution. Better type-approval requirements for L-category vehicles can facilitate the transition to more efficient, safe and clean urban mobility. New, innovative and technologically advanced two-, three- or light four-wheel vehicles can significantly enhance urban mobility, by taking up less space, using less energy, creating fewer emissions during production and operation, while at the same time offering connectivity, productivity and enjoyment.

Right To Ride’s comment: The recognition that motorcycles can be enjoyed………….

An approval authority may exempt the vehicle from compliance with requirements laid down in one or more of the acts listed in Annex II, provided that the approval authority imposes alternative requirements and has reasonable grounds for such exemption. An exemption of this kind may be granted in particular for unique vehicles built by private individuals, in order to keep costs to an acceptable level.

Right To Ride’s comment: Left to member states …………… advantageous?

Negative Amendment?

If substantial modifications are made to the powertrain components by the user or by those acting on his behalf, the vehicle shall comply with the technical requirements of the initial vehicle category and subcategory, or, if applicable, the new vehicle category and subcategory, which were in force when the original vehicle was sold, registered or entered into service. Those modifications shall be inspected and approved by the competent authorities of the Member States.

A modification shall be deemed to be substantial when it affects the safety of the vehicle or its emissions to the environment, or when it renders the original type-approval obsolete.

Right To Ride: This needs a full explanation………. what is a substantial modification and more importantly what is not a substantial modification ……………… other than safety or emissions – or – perhaps it is better to leave it open ended?

Questions To Be Answered!

Meanwhile as previously reported , we have contacted each of the seven political groups in the European Parliament asking them for their opinion regarding the proposal, especially surrounding the issue of anti-tampering and how this would or not affect motorcyclists from the custom of modifying their motorcycles and the Rapporteur and Shadow rapporteurs in the IMCO committee.

We asked the Rapporteur and Shadow rapporteurs in the IMCO committee their views on the proposal and the amendments especially any that they may have submitted.

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