India – First Motorcycle with ABS

While in Europe we step through the mire that is the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation for motorcycles, the Indian TVS Motor Company, apparently the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and amongst the top ten in the world, launched the Apache RTR 180, India’s First Motorcycle with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) in March 2011.

Part of the European Commission proposal is to make ABS (Advanced Braking Systems) mandatory on motorcycles albeit with negotiations ongoing, especially the introduction of ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) and CBS (Combined Braking Systems) on lesser powered PTWs.

The argument put forward by the Commission and Parliament is that ABS is a safety feature that will save lives.

We recently published an article “The Great European Poker Run” – which includes the views of two highly respected motorcycle trainers, the opinion expressed is that ABS is not THE panacea to reduce motorcycle casualties that our friends in Brussels would have us believe. One important aspect that the Commission and parliament have ignored is that braking in emergency situations requires skill and training.

The Commission and parliament have argued that ABS will reduce casualties by 2

0% over the next 10 years. This is in our view, reckless because it may lead motorcyclists and safety organizations to believe that ABS will reduce casualties in ALL braking situations, rather than stop the motorcycle safely in specific scenarios.

Interestingly, the advertising for the Apache RTR 180 ABS claims to offer safety and stability, using the very same logic of the Commission and parliament – with the added twist of encouraging motorcyclists to ride the roads like a race track.

The European motorcycle industry and institutions may be circling the wagons, but it seems to us that the Indian Apaches are on the warpath.

For the full article – links – videos – go to Right To Ride EU – Click Here

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