Update on French Protests etc etc

The French motorcycle magazine, MOTOMAG reports on what seems to be a change of position from the French Government after the recent mass protests by French riders.

The protests, regarding new traffic legislation proposals, included for motorcyclists the mandatory wearing of Hi-Viz.

MOTOMAG reports that the Interior Minister persists in the idea of improving the visibility of motorcyclists but says, “In this sense, we must improve the training of drivers,” to better integrate with the two-wheeler drivers. But we also have a perception problem at night. It was never intended to dress up bikers in yellow vests, but rather to negotiate with them, reflecting spots or reflective tape.”

It is also reported that on French TV, the Interior Minister said that he had nothing against the motorcycle but that he intended to “improve their visibility because bikers are particularly vulnerable”.

“It is not a question of asking bikers to wear a phosphorescent chasuble*” (Hi viz), said Claude Guéant, but “simply to improve reflecting devices that many of them already have”.

This is relevant as MAG Ireland face the possibility of mandatory Hi-Viz material for all motorcyclists in 2014, from their Road Safety Authority (RSA), subject to consultation on the most appropriate type of hi-vis material and possible solutions. At present we are trying to pin down the RSA for an answer, on how they perceive that mandatory Hi-Viz would affect riders from Northern Ireland and other countries visiting Ireland.

*Note the nearest translation we can get for chasuble is – jumper, pinafore or sleeveless robe .

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