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EU Proposals – Your Thoughts!

Demos and protests took place on Sunday 25th September, against proposed EU Legislation regarding motorcycles.

Have you heard – that you won’t be able to service your bike at home?

Have you heard – that you won’t even be able to change the handlebars?

Have you heard – that you will only be able to use standard approved parts?

Have you heard – that there is a proposal to make Periodical Technical Inspection (MoT) obligatory throughout EU – a super MOT in the UK – that will stop the fitting of non standard parts?

Have you heard – that the EU is proposing or considering new laws for compulsory hi-vis jackets?

Have you heard – that the EU is proposing that motorcycles will be banned from filtering in traffic?

Have you heard – that the EU is proposing to ban all motorcycles over seven years from cities?

Have you heard – that motorcyclists will have to have their registration number written across the back and front of hiz-viz jackets?

Have you heard – that European proposals will single out motorcycles for regular roadside checks –

Have you heard – you won’t even be able to change your own oil at home?

Have you heard – that OBD (On Board Diagnostics) will be accessed by authorities giving information such as emissions, readouts of engine output and past riding style for prosecution – Computer chips on every bike to monitor and ultimately disable engines? (though if you drive a car you’ll probably know that these” Type” of systems are already common)

Have you heard – that these proposals will kill local garages and ruin the custom trade, where people’s hobbies are building and converting motorcycles?

Have you heard that a European Committee is rubber stamping these regulations in October or was that January?

Have you heard – all bikes will “be illegal” after the 5th of October?

Have you heard – the vote in November has been delayed until February?

Have you heard – these proposals will stop motorcyclists customising their bikes – or fitting Braided steel brake hoses, high flow airfilters, brake pads, handle bar risers, different footpegs and silencers?

Have you heard – one of the proposals is that once a motorbike is bought it can not be customised, it must remain as it came out of the factory?

Have you heard – that this is part of the EU’s attempts to completely remove motorcyclists from EU roads?

Your Thoughts!

All these alleged anti-motorcycle proposals have been lifted from discussions and reports. But there is a lot of misinformation out there, scaring people unnecessarily.

What have you heard and what do you believe is contained in the EU proposals?

What are your thoughts on these European proposal? – How will they affect motorcycling? – How will they affect you?

You can comment and leave your thoughts below!

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