EU Meeting & Withdrawals

This Friday 16th September a meeting of the Motorcycle Working Group (MCWG)/MVEG (Motor Vehicle Emissions Group on motorcycles) will take place in Brussels.

This will be to discuss mainly the status of the Commission proposal for a Regulation (codecision act) of Council and Parliament on type-approval and market surveillance of L-category vehicles which includes motorcycles.

These working groups, which there are a raft of, including – MVWG – Motor Vehicles Working Group – MVEG – Motor Vehicle Emissions Group to WGAT – Working Group on Agricultural Tractors etc, are set up by the Commission to assist in proposing EU legislation or exercising tasks of monitoring and coordination/cooperation in relation with EU policies.

These groups provide expert advice to the Commission. They may consist of national/government experts but also experts or stakeholders from business, NGOs, trade unions, academia, etc.

The draft agenda for Friday’s meeting and the status of the European Commission’s regulation proposal includes items regarding studies on – Durability – Tampering prevention of powertrain and noise abatement system.

In a European Commission presentation for the MCWG meeting it mentions that the European Council – motor vehicle working group in the co-decision process has, “Modified Article 52 regarding racing components, aligned with Framework Directive 2007/46/EC;”

The presentation also mentions that it “Clarified art 18, paragraph 4 regarding harmful powertrain modifications.”

Also the presentation the European Commission has outlined that it will maintain its position NOT to include items in the proposal that are irrelevant to technically approve an L category vehicle.

This is particularly relevant as a communication from the office of Malcolm Harbour Chairman of the IMCO Committee and Shadow Rapporteur for the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) reports that Robert Rochefort MEP (France) has withdrawn his tabled amendments to the proposal – amendments – 97 and 103.

These meetings and committees need to not only be monitored by motorcyclists, but reported on because they are the basis for the Commission’s proposals for legislation and regulations such the proposed type-approval and market surveillance of L-category vehicles.

Although this is all relevant for the present what is happening now is also relevant for the future!

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