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Renegade the biker merchandise shop based in Ballymoney are promoting the Ride It Right “See Us” campaign which asks other vehicle drivers to – Just Think! – See Us and Get It Right!

Renegades Davy Christie has kindly offered, an offer that Ride It Right could not refuse, to include the “See Us” leaflet in Rengades own promotional material to shops/pubs getting the “See Us” message out to other vehicle drivers past the biking community.

Davy has also offered to put any other promo flyers/posters in the Renegade shop getting the Ride It Right message to riders who visit the shop.

Ride It Right’s message for other vehicle drivers is to, “Use your head – Not just your eyes!”, Ride It Right’s, Trevor Baird says, “With a little thought other vehicle drivers can get it right and see us, motorcyclists should be a first thought, not just a second thought!”

For riders there is a message also:

  • Be aware of slow moving traffic – Tractors – Camper Vans – Caravans – Cyclists – Pedestrians crossing the road.
  • They may not be aware of you and they may not react as you expect!
  • As a rider take responsibility and be prepared to compensate for drivers errors.
  • You should learn to recognize potentially dangerous situations and have sufficient riding techniques to react when possible!

However the main message is for other vehicle drivers

  • Motorcycles can be more difficult to detect because they are narrower than a car, even if the motorcycle has its lights on, or the rider is wearing reflective or bright clothing.
  • Research has demonstrated that drivers find it harder to analyse the outline of the oncoming motorcycle as well as calculating the distance and speed of movement.
  • Believe it or not, a motorcycle and its rider can be hidden from your view at junctions by very narrow objects such as lamp posts – road signs – the A-Pillar of your vehicle and also overgrown road side vegetation.
  • Watch your mirrors – riders can be in your blind spot missing from your view between interior and door mirror.
  • Judge the distance and judge the speed – don’t rush junctions.
  • Listen for motorcyclists at junctions – especially in rural areas – wind down your window – turn down your radio.
  • Please take time at junctions – whether turning out of or turning into a junction – or a petrol station – or your own driveway, the last thing a motorcyclist wants to hear is, I didn’t see him/her or, are you all right!

Whether you are:

  • When Turning Right
  • When Emerging Onto Main Roads
  • When Overtaking
  • When Changing Lanes

Our thanks to Renegade for promoting Ride It Right.

Renegade are the authorised stockists of official merchandise for – Pure Road Racing – Relentless – North West 200 – Custom Biker – TT Isle Of Man – OTC (Orange County Choppers) – West Coast Choppers – Duke and much more

Visit the Renegade website – and also on Facebook – Click Here

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