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The motorcycle test to gain a motorcycle licence or to ride a motorcycle – scooter – moped on Northern Ireland roads has seen major changes in recent months and will see further changes within the next couple of years.

These changes include the introduction of CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and an Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) Register in February this year, the recent introduction of “Independent Driving” in the motorcycle practical riding test, the introduction of “European” based motorcycle test in 2008 and the upcoming implementation in 2012 of a 3rd European Driving Licence Directive.

Some of these changes have been years behind the motorcycle test in the rest of the UK, some have been in advance of changes in the UK and have been “improved” on, or are slightly different in their implementation.

Therefore we decided to look at and review these changes and ask the question – Will the motorcycle test in Northern Ireland ever be the same as the rest of the UK?

The Driver & Vehicle Agency took the opportunity to comment to the issues that we raised and on the current position on motorcycle licensing and training in Northern Ireland.

Our thanks to Brian Morrison, Chief Driving Examiner from the Driver & Vehicle Agency for his comments.

You can view the full Testing Times article and leave your own comments – Click Here

In the meantime here are a few snippets.

“The DVA are liaising at present with the DSA and advise that currently there is no legislation in place to allow recognition in GB for the Northern Ireland CBT, however, once a legislation opportunity arises the DSA will amend the legislation accordingly to recognise the Northern Ireland CBT.”

“The DVA should now retrospectively review this situation to allow these people to continue riding, after all the DVA has given “Grandfather rights” to trainers, so there is no reason why this should not apply to motorcyclists as well.”

“However we are still unsure if a provisional licence holder is entitled get insurance cover before February 2012 if they do not have a CBT Certificate, which according to the DVA, is not required until then.”

“Previously we reported that an initial review of these manoeuvres was being completed in GB, however in Northern Ireland the test regime here was not included in the review. We stated at the time that “we can only hope that the agencies responsible here will examine the results of the DfT review with interest and evaluate the possible impacts on Northern Ireland accordingly.”

“The DVA say that Northern Ireland did not see a need to carry out a review as the scheme is working well with little or no complaints or incidents.”

“The DVA have taken a different and perhaps more pragmatic approach in that both our tests are stand alone events.”

“As riders we want to be included, informed and listened to regarding the proposed changes and introduction of legislation, which should be delivered in a transparent manner that will most certainly affect the future of motorcycling.”

You can view the full Testing Times article and leave your own comments – Click Here

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