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Ride It Right reports that, ‘Stay A Hero, Stay Safe’ is the new campaign from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) in England aimed at reducing the number of motorcyclists casualties on Sussex’s roads each year.

The new film which is available on: You Tube, on and on the Stay A Hero – Stay Safe Facebook page, shows a young boy creating his own motorcycle experience.

The film creates a celebration of motorcycling which shows how bikers are inspirational role models as the storyline to the film shows the young boy as he aspires to be just like his biker dad.

Ken Seymour, Manager of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said: “Stay a Hero’ deliberately avoids laying blame of any sort and isn’t your usual shocking public service film. We hope that it will connect with our biker community, generate discussion and help to save lives on our roads.”

Producer Sarah Alexander, of Alexander Commercials commented: “There are very few adverts out which speak directly to bikers, we are hoping that ‘Stay a Hero’ might fill in some of that gap. Rather than using fear and gore tactics we have tried to remind bikers of how great it is to ride while at the same time reminding them who they are going home to and why they need to stay safe. We are hoping the message will save lives this summer.

Stay A Hero Film

[youtube EvbDorJcg6o nolink]

Daniel Cox, the writer and creator of ‘Stay a Hero, Stay Safe’, added: “The film looks to remind bikers to ride safely for both themselves and their loved ones, and that they can inspire the next generation to ride skilfully and safely. Coming from a family of motorcyclists I hope the film illustrates the important contribution bikers make as role models and how their actions and approach to riding can directly influence those who look up to them.”

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership has also developed the Sussex Biker publication, which not only gives more detail on the film itself, but also passes on some ‘Top Tips’, information and advice regarding safety gear and even has a map of some great places to ride out to.

The partnership are also asking the (biker) community to share who their heroes are – whether that’s the people who inspired them to take up life on two-wheels or the individuals providing daily inspiration. This can be done either through the campaign’s Youtube feed or via the ‘Stay A Hero’ Facebook community page.

Trevor Baird, at Ride It Right says, “We like this campaign a lot, it has the right message and is delivered through the right mediums, rather than “traditional” advertising means, which means riders can connect and feedback on the campaign.” adding “The film appears to have deliberately steered clear of the genre of shocking public service films, which use fear and gore tactics, it makes you think rather than be repulsed.”


The film can be viewed by visiting , as well as directly through Youtube and the Facebook

Read the Sussex Biker publication which has been specifically designed to support the Stay A Hero campaign?

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