MLAs – Councillors 2011

MLAs elected for the Northern Ireland Assembly – May 2011.
If you which to contact your MLA the most direct way  is to use the various websites that allow you to search for your MLA by typing in your postcode.
Although until the Assembly is up and running again these may not work fully.
Full list on BikersRVoters 2011Click Here
Northern Ireland Assembly – Constituency Map Click Here
BBC Democracy Live website – Find out who your MLA is (Also MP & MEP). Type in your postcode – email and constituency address (which is good for a letter)  – you can also follow your representative where and what they said.  Click Here
Remember however angry or passionate about what you are writing in an email, always be polite, concise and to the point – step away from the keyboard and have a think before hitting the send button.

Council Elections

The Council Elections in 2011 took place on Thursday 5th May along with the Assembly Elections and vote on the referendum.
582 councillors where elected to the 26 local councils across Northern Ireland.
On the BBC “Vote 2011″ website – Click Here
List of Northern Ireland councils – Click Here
BikersRVoters –

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