Two Days Of Sun

Ride It Right, the motorcycle initiative in Northern Ireland reports it was invited along to the Phillip McCallens Motorcycles Open Day and Bikesafe event in Lisburn on Saturday 9th April and the Fallen Heroes Bikesafe Open Day at Comber Fire Station on Sunday 10th April.

Both events were a fantastic success in no small part from all the hard work put in by the organisers.

Fallen Heroes Bike Safe Open Day

The second year of this event for the Fallen Heroes saw riders from the Youth Trials Academy carrying out trails bike displays over skips and cars through out the day.

The serious side of the day saw BikeSafe assessments and a Mock Accident with N.I. Fire and Rescue compared by Race Doctor Fred McSorely.

There was a very large bouncy castle for the kids with candy floss, ice cream, popcorn and for the bigger kids the Rescue Tender and Hydraulic Lifting Platform from the N.I. Fire and Rescue, lifted the lucky ones high in the air.

Burgers, sampled by Ride It Right, piled high with onions and mushrooms filled the hunger gap, provided by the club and cooked by N.I. Fire and Rescue.

Red Bull helped fuel some energy into the day and provided loud music for those hard of hearing, with Adelaide Insurance’s free raffle and offering on successful completion of the Bikesafe assessment, 10% off insurance when up for renewal.

A second fund raising raffle was also held from yes you guessed it – by N.I. Fire and Rescue.

There were several race bikes on display including one from Fallen Hero Joey Dunlop.

A chat show was compared by George McCann with guests Michael McGarrity, Kirk Jamison, Alastair Seeley, Glen Irwin and Korie McCreevy.

Interesting discussions similar to the previous day at McCallen’s, when Kirk Jamison explained about the advantageous of BMW’s traction control and the benefits of the ABS (Antilock Braking System) which can be set by the rider depending on the conditions.

Definitely a grand day out!

Pictures from the day – Click Here

Phillip McCallen’s Motorcycles Open Day – BikeSafe

Ride It Right’s weekend started on Saturday at Phillip McCallen’s Motorcycles in Lisburn, just off the Moira Road and with the sun out, it was t-shirt weather on the Ride It Right stand.

The BikeSafe assessments and test rides led by Phillip McCallen included riders being able to assess their next possible bike from Kawasaki, KTM and Triumph.

Other attractions were Adelaide Insurance Services who with the successful completion of the Bikesafe assessment offered 10% off insurance when up for renewal.

There was also a tremendous 25% sale on all Frank Thomas clothing, boots and gloves.

Right To Right caught up with the chat show compared by Phillip McCallen talking to Connor Cummings and Ryan Farquhar, with Conner explaining his “big off” at the Isle of Man TT, his subsequent injuries and an interesting explanation from Connor and Phillip of the benefits of Kawasaki’s traction control on the track and advantages for road riding.

Overall, both events were grand weekend out!

Pictures from the day – Click Here

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