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Ride It Right reports that it headlined the “Stress Free Ride” at the Adelaide Motorcycle Festival at the King’s Hall, Belfast between 11th to 13th February.

Amongst the highlights of the show Ride It Right brought crowds to the stand looking for stickers and chat and a stress bike. The big message behind that was “whatever you ride, wherever you ride, whenever you ride and why you ride, don’t ride when stressed”.

Chairman Trevor Baird and volunteers from Lone Wolf MCC, Ancestors MCC and the BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) were available to talk to riders about motorcycling and racer Shaun Anderson – ARD Racing with his race bike on display was available to chat about his plans for this year and his successful 2010 season.

Using the stress bike to explain about the importance of not being stressed out while riding, the message at the show from Ride It Right was: just take the stress away before you ride with a few squeezes of the stress bike.

Of course the real message was to get riders thinking and to mentally prepare before setting out for a ride.

Although a “Stress Free Ride” was the message at the show, the aim of the Ride It Right motorcycle safety initiative to reduce motorcycle casualties.

The main focus of Ride It Right is to address the attitude and behaviour of motorcyclists to provide information about risk on the road and how to improve our skills.

Right To Ride aims to achieve this not only via the website and the Facebook page but in 2011 to continue face to face contact with motorcyclists and road users at BikeSafe events and other Road Safety Events throughout Northern Ireland.

Right It Right is an initiative by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, it is community based and invites all to participate and support what we are trying to do.

You can now join us and other riders on the Ride It Right website by clicking, “I like Ride It Right!”

Ride It Right – www.rideitright.org


Ride It Right at the Adelaide Motorcycle Festival Kings Hall was brought to riders by the wit and charm of the:

Lone Wolf MCC – www.lonewolfmcc.co.uk

Ancestors MCC – www.ancestorsmcc.com

British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) – www.bmf.co.uk

Right To Ride – www.righttoride.co.uk

Shaun Anderson – ARD Racing

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