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Right To Ride’s supporter “THE BIKER GUIDE” has launched its 2011 edition of “THE BIKER CALENDAR”.

“THE BIKER GUIDE” reports that, The work began on the 2011 edition, of THE BIKER CALENDAR began in March 2010 and after seven months of searching for Bikers to be involved, lots of adapting, editing (covering up of baby Bikers!) and highlighting of the photographs, we are happy to announce the 2011 edition features 102 Bikers in various forms of undress, tastefully taken, artfully produced with lots of humorous touches and colourful extras and also features Motorcycle events for the 2011 season.

Those who dared to bare include members of NABD, RBLRB, 4 Fs MCC, Southport Original Cruisers, But Why? Wrecking Crew, Knights of the Shire MOC, Westhoughton MCC, Jesters MCC and The A59ers RC.

A donation of £321 was given to NABD earlier this year, from sales of THE BIKER CALENDAR 2010. In accepting the cheque the chairman, Rick Hulse said that “When people start up in business they have a lot of things on their minds and goals they have in place. In the first year of business for THE BIKER GUIDE, they have donated this cheque, as NABD is important to them”.

Sharon from THE BIKER GUIDE talked about how she had a crazy idea a long time ago to produce a Calendar in the style of the Calendar Girls, with Bikers… although she was glad the calendar was not ‘Scratch and Sniff’. During this speech she thanked all those involved, everyone who bought the calendar and also thanked Rick and NABD for supporting the idea and for never saying it was a crazy idea!

In association with THE BIKER GUIDE web-site – – THE BIKER CALENDAR 2011 is already selling like pints at a Biker Rally, with a limited print run.

It is aimed at any fun loving Bikers!

£1 of every Calendar sold is being donated to NABD. (National Association for Bikers with a Disability)

Right To Ride’s Trevor Baird says, “The calendar shows bikers in stark states of undress, a fantastic way to bare yourself to the world and raise money, would Northern Ireland riders dare to bare for charity?”

To see THE BIKER CALENDAR 2011 in all its glory: Click Here


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