Oz on a Triumph Book Launch

Geoff Hill and Collin O’Carroll are celebrating the publication of their inspiring and hilarious travelogue, Oz: Around Australia on a Triumph.

The celebration takes place on Wednesday 24 November, during an Oz themed launch at Adelaide Insurance Services, 4-6 Boucher Road, Belfast.

The pair circumnavigated Australia on Tiger 1050s, taking 10-12 weeks to cover the 15,000 miles of the legendary Highway One before the road is decommissioned in 2010.

Geoff, who’s already ridden from Delhi to Belfast on an Enfield and Chile to Alaska on a Triumph for the best-selling books Way to Go and The Road to Gobblers Knob, faced his mightiest challenge: the wombats of Oz.

To give you a flavour of their adventure we have lifted this from their website blog, The Adelaide To Adelaide Adventure:

“Since Geoff has only been to Perth before, and since Colin was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in Australia wrestling sharks, snogging kangaroos and riding dirt bikes, the series and book will be written from two contrasting and equally entertaining viewpoints: Geoff as a relative first-timer and Colin revisiting the land of his lost youth, which is the subject of his own book, Belfast Boomerang, to be published by Blackstaff Press in 2011.”

“It’s the wombats that worry me most,” said Geoff. “Apparently they go to sleep in the middle of the road because it’s nice and warm, so if you’re stupid enough to ride at night, you hit this furry speed bump.”

“They’re saved by a layer of cartilage on their back which protects them from dingo attacks, but you end up down the road in a heap of wreckage.”

Come along from 4.30 pm and crack open a tinny with Geoff and Colin as they discuss their adventure around Oz on a Triumph.

Exclusive film footage recorded during their trip will be shown, a live band will play and, refreshments will be available.



Pictures from – Oz: Around Australia on a Triumph – Book Launch

More pictures and information at www.adelaideinsurance.com

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