Diesel Spills Clean Up

Right To Ride has learned that the “Review of Diesel Spillage Clean – Up Procedures” study promised by Department for Transport (DfT) in Great Britain has been published.

The study primarily focuses on motorcycles and issues surrounding the effectiveness of various diesel spillage products, accident statistics and an estimate of the cost of these accidents.

Of interest to Northern Ireland riders is that the study reviews the reporting of diesel spills in Northern Ireland via the Department of the Environment/Roads Service.

Of course prevention is better that cure and drivers, both commercial and private, should remember not to overfill their tanks, to refit the filler cap securely, check any damage to filler cap seals, filler neck fit and consider fitting a retro fit anti spill/anti siphon device.

Remember diesel spills costs, not just in lost of fuel or a fine through “Causing dangerous article to be on road. (Liquid / Solid)” but more importantly spills can and do kill or injure!

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