Wind Of Change

It’s all change at Right To Right’s partner supporter, Ride The Wild Wind.

Ride The Wild Wind is a website blog for the Northern Ireland Biker community and beyond. The blog comments on bike news, giving its own spin and adds a splash of opinion with visitors hitting close to 10,000 a month.

In an effort to keep things fresh, and make all the content that has built up on the site over the last couple of years more accessible, a new version of Ride The Wild Wind has just been unleashed.

Ride The Wild Wind still features regular news with a more accessible back catalogue. It features RSS feeds from all the major motorcycle sports such as MotoGP, World Super Bike, British Super Bike and now AMA.

Ride The Wild Wind says, “We also feature our good friends over at Right To Ride, based in Northern Ireland, with their news and campaigns to challenge the ever increasing anti-bike lobby in the EU.”

“Also from the folks behind Right To Ride is Motorcycle Minds a great site providing a global point of reference for motorcyclists to put up their views/articles and comments.”

You’ll find links to Ride The Wild Wind through its Facebook page, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube accounts.

Want to blog?

Ride The Wild Wind is also looking for guest bloggers, so if you’d like to share your biking adventures, send an email to –  It could be about the developments in the racing season, a tour you’ve done, or a charity ride you’re about to take.

As the Milan show is almost upon us, Ride The Wild Wind will be keeping everybody up to date with developments with information about the hits and misses of this years event.

Have fun exploring the “new” look and content on Ride The Wild Wind!

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