Are You That Rider?

Over at Ride It Right, the motorcycle safety initiative which Right To Ride supports, they are asking the question, “Are You That Rider?” and “Is having a blast out on your bike a bad thing?”

While the summer riding season appears to be over and riders either hibernate for the winter or continue to battle on in cold weather either because of necessity or because they actually enjoy the clearer roads and  days that offer clear crisp air, we can reflect on the summer riding and next year’s riding season and contemplate – Is having a blast out on your bike a bad thing?

You might be out to enjoy the scenery and the open roads, or in search of a cafe for a decent coffee or a mug of tea, the ultimate fish supper, the best ice-cream or the perfect sausage roll – hoping that your riding leaves you healthier than the afore mentioned food.

Then again you might be that rider that flies past “keepin’ her lit” – not in a controlled manner but in a way that makes everybody who witnesses you to suck in their cheeks and wonder if you’ll make it around the next bend.

The main focus of Ride It Right is to address the attitude and behaviour of motorcyclists by hooking the “hard to reach riders” as well as younger motorcyclists to provide information about risk on the road and how to improve their skills.

Motorcycling means freedom and fun, so enjoy the routes, the craic, the scenery, the ice-cream trail and all those things that only you on your bike can appreciate, which may be “having a blast”, as some would say, “a good run on an open road” or “keeping it between the hedges”.

Whatever your choice of words, take care out there.

Is having a blast out on your bike a bad thing?

View the Ride It Right website at and leave your thoughts and comments!

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