Orchard County MCC Support Right To Ride

Right To Ride welcomes on board new club supporters – Orchard County MCC.

Orchard County MCC was founded in 2007 in Co Armagh with a Southern Ireland chapter formed in 2008.

Club members have supported Motorcycle Rallies & Events in North & South Ireland, UK & Europe.

A variety of Bike and Trikes are driven by club members, these range from Standard Road Bikes, Custom Bikes, Custom Trikes, & Streetfighters, many of which have been designed, built & modified by their owners and other club members.

If you visit the clubs website you can see the diversity of bikes the club members’ ride and a range of club member bike/trike projects from bare custom frames to finished custom build.

Orchard County MCC Secretary, Brian said, “On behalf of the club I would like to thank you for all the time and effort in keeping the biking community updated with all the proposals that are coming out of Europe & Government.”

“As everyone who rides bikes knows, it’s not just yourself you need to look out for, it’s the other drivers because they don’t look out for you.”

“European Governments should look at making a bike awareness course part of the driving test for all other road users.”

You can view the clubs website at www.orchardcountymcc.co.uk

The club, like all our supporters clubs, knows how enjoy the life of biking and also have an awareness of issues that are seen as a threat to that life.


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