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Right To Ride welcomes on board a new supporter’s club – All Arms Veterans MCC.

The AAV MCC is a club of bikers who are serving or who have served in HM Forces UK – No Police or Prison Services Members. They all meet at various rallies and parties around the country.

Their aim is to have fun and party with like minded people and offer support & camaraderie to other service personnel.

The club says, “In order to join the club, you have to ride with us; be nominated by your relevant area Rep and its members – Badger is the N.I. Rep and can be contacted through the main website – attend two out of our three major events in your first year, when then if suitable you will receive our club badge.”

“We wear our club badge with pride and honour. This isn’t an Internet club. That is, we will never take an application via email and simply mail a set of club badges to you. That’s not what this club is about, or the club members.”

“If you want to roll with us, you have to be known to us – we have to be comfortable that you are as much family to each and every Brother & Sister that wears our patch.”

“That’s not to say though that if you like what you see on our website, that you won’t be welcome to introduce yourself and get to know us – quite the contrary, actually.”

“We’ll still be glad to meet you and maybe share a round of beer or two. But do not expect to be invited to join through the website. That’s not the way the All Arms Veterans Motorcycle Club attracts its membership.”

You can contact the club through the link at the top of each of their website pages.

Right To Ride wishes the club all the best for the future, with its no nonsense approach and tight camaraderie that reflects the club and its members background.


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