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Adelaide Insurance Services and Right To Ride are linking up to advocate and promote the need to improve safety and road skills for motorcyclists.

Adelaide has been actively involved in road safety since 1997 when they began working with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to promote BikeSafe, which provides a critical appraisal of motorcyclists’ riding skills through a short, free assessment of ability in key areas.

Adelaide estimates that as a result of this relationship, 3000 bikers have improved their riding skills by successfully completing the BikeSafe assessment.

In addition, Adelaide has also been working with the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) since 2005, promoting their “Skills for Life” course resulting in more skilled, controlled and confident bikers.

Sam Geddis founder and Director of Adelaide has been advocating the need for greater safety and road skills to his customers for many years. Recently he took the significant step of taking and passing his IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorist) motorcycle test.

Sam said, “For most of my life I’ve not been a biker and in the past I used to be hesitant about going out on a motorcycle – this is no longer the case and I feel far more confident as I now know that most of my safety is down to my own actions.”

Adelaide also sponsors all of their staff who must take an IAM car or motorcycle test, Sam insists that if safety is to be advocated, action by example has to be taken.

But it’s not all about motorcyclists, the Roadwise safety driving test was conceived, developed and is administered by Adelaide. The safety programme is aimed at 17 to 24 year old car drivers.

In 2004 the IAM awarded Adelaide “The Dominic Fox Award” for major contribution to road safety. The award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding road safety work, particularly activity that has directly or indirectly contributed to saving lives of young drivers and riders. Since 2005, Adelaide has sponsored the “Safety Award” at the Irish Racer Awards in Northern Ireland. The award recognises those who have made substantial contributions to road safety each year.

Right To Ride deals with all aspects of motorcycling and issues that are the basis of a passionate debate for motorcycling.

Right To Ride’s, Trevor Baird, says, “More and more government priorities are around the issues of road safety. Our view is that road safety is up to the individual rider to take control, to be aware of the dangers out there and to ride responsibly. For this reason, we are pleased to link up with Adelaide, pointing riders in the right direction”

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