Lorna Baker Race Grafix

lornabakerracegrafixRight To Ride welcomes Lorna Baker Race Grafix as supporters.

Lorna Baker Race Grafix grew from Lorna’s husbands business, Steve Baker Motorcycles’ need of a graphics to promote his newly established business in Millisle, County Down.

Lorna, who graduated from the University of Paisley in 1998, with a BA Honours in Computing Science, welcomed the challenge!

Her interest grew, and she moved on to design and create, starting with website design, a website for Irish Supersport racer, Kevin Briggs, whom both Lorna and Steve sponsored, then, as her skills further developed, she went on to design and build websites for other motorcycle racers, clubs and small local businesses.

While sponsoring Kevin, and being let down by no less than SIX local vinyl graphics companies, Lorna decided to take the bull by the horns and purchased a professional vinyl cutter/plotter, and began to create her own graphics!

Lorna designs and creates the graphics, and husband Steve does the application, and together, they have gone on from strength to strength.

They, as motorcyclists and motorcycle race team owners/managers understand the need for good quality graphics supplied complete and to customer specification, and on time!

Lorna Baker Race Grafix supports Right to Ride because:

  • Right to Ride encourages motorcyclists to look after their bikes better via Steve Baker Motorcycles maintenance tips
  • Right to Ride promotes safer motorcycling and rider training
  • Right to Ride keeps motorcyclists informed of progress made in the matters that are important to us
  • Right to Ride is endeavouring to keep us informed by publishing Lack of Conformity reports on inferior machines which are being brought into Britain from the Chinese Republic and hopefully will continue to promote pressurising the authorities concerned to outlaw the unprofessional practices involved in distributing and selling these substandard and potentially dangerous machines without regulation

Take a look atwww.lornabakerracegrafix.com  for examples of Lorna’s graphical design work and evidence to the standard of her vinyl graphics.

Right To Ride – Pointing you in the right direction!

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