Picking Up On BikersRVoters

Riders blog – Ride The Wild Wind and Motorcycle Real Road Racing blog in Northern Ireland have picked up on our BikersRVoters website.

Ride The Wild Wind, which features news and opinion on all aspects of motorcyling, says, “Our partners over at Write To Ride have launched a new initiative to get Bikers motivated to lobby and have their opinions on motorcycling heard at Government level. Relying on politicians to ‘understand’ biking issues without guidance can give results ranging from ludicrous to dangerous.”

Motorcycle Real Road Racing, which features heavy duty comments regarding Real Road Racing in Northern Ireland, reiterates the questions we have asked the political parties:

  • We have asked them their position on motorcycling, their general transport policy and Road Safety in Northern Ireland and to formally write to us to regarding the BikersRVoters website.
  • Road infrastructure such as motorcycle friendly crash barriers, conditions of the roads, access to bus lanes and secure parking;
  • Road safety campaigns which should focus on interaction with other road users as well as providing sound information on hazard awareness;
  • Appropriate training for motorcyclists and car drivers;
  • Motorcycling as an alternative to cars for personal motorised transport especially for young people who need a cost effective mode of transport for work.
  • Motorcycle tourism and motorcycle racing which are both important sources of income for the Northern Ireland communities. Within this context your views on rider and spectator safety at road racing events would be appreciated.

Commenting on our Riders Soap Box, for riders to give their opinion on what they think are the main issues for motorcycling, what they think the politicians should be doing and to tell us what they would do if they were in charge, Motorcycle Real Road Racing says simply:

“Your much appreciated feedback is required for the politicians – Give it Now!”




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