Bright Idea From Down South?

Right To Ride has replied to a consultation on Daytime Running Lights (DRL) from Ireland’s Road Safety Authority (RSA).

The consultation sought the views and advice of interested parties on introducing DRL measures earlier than an EC (European Commission) Directive.

The directive aimed to make dedicated DRL mandatory for all new cars and light vans from 2011. The proposed earlier introduction by RSA if implemented would mean all road vehicles on Irish roads would be required to use either dipped head lights during the hours of daylight or dedicated DRL (diode lighting).

A bright idea or is it an ill conceived experiment that “bright is always right”?

Although we are based in Northern Ireland, we believe there are issues contained in the DRL consultation that will undoubtedly affect us here too. Motorcyclists in Ireland as individuals and as a “community”, travel across North and South both for business (commuting) and leisure activities (motorcycle events such as road races – motorcycle meetings (rallies), charity runs and touring).

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