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As the politics of Northern Ireland remains in their usual volatile state, bouncing around political parties and historical divides, Bikers R Voters is a non – political lobby with no allegiance to parties and those divides.

What is important (for us at least) is whether motorcyclists even have a modicum of influence in the ‘corridors of power’ and whether we can affect policies and legislation regarding motorcycles and other related issues that surround motorcycling.

The objective is to inform – listen – debate – with those who do not understand or have a different perspective regarding motorcycling and to stay engaged with those who fully understand the importance of motorcycling in Northern Ireland.

We’d like to know what all parties think of motorcycling – what they can do for us in the various corridors of power and how they can implement this in the real world – a platform – a Political Soapbox for motorcycle policy issues.

We also want to know the rider’s point of view – The Rider’s Soap Box gives the opportunity to express what riders think are the main issues for motorcycling. What you think the politicians should be doing and what they would do if they were in charge!

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