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Right To Ride welcomes onboard new supporters, Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training.

Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training located in the Waterside area of Derry/ Londonderry offers an extensive range of motorcycle training from the complete beginner to enhancing your riding skills.

Visit the Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training website to see how they offer a full professional, interactive and modern aspect to rider training.

Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training

“Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training supports Write To Ride for one simple reason: Write To Ride cares.

Motorcycle training, the attitudes of the powers that be & riders’ attitude in N.I. need to change. And for the first time, here is your chance to get your voice heard, no matter what your opinion.

Let’s say you have just passed your motorcycle test and you are trying out a more powerful machine with no further training?

What are your chances of staying alive?

According to the statistics, not good.

Perhaps, simply making changes to the existing test – by allowing riders to forfeit their restriction period of two years if they could successfully pass an Advanced Riding Test such as IAM or ROSPA – would greatly reduce the number of deaths on our roads?

Or maybe changes to road design is the answer?

How about better driver education?

Or changes in the Law?

Learn 2 Ride

Learn 2 Ride



Instead of asking, “Whose fault is it?”, perhaps it would be better to ask, “Why is it happening?” and more importantly, “What can we learn from it so that we might prevent it?”

It could be argued that the standard test in N.I. places little or no emphasis on further training, motorway riding, rural roads, group riding, etc.

I am sure that many instructors would much rather spend time training riders on rural roads, dealing with clues about observation, learning techniques such as Limit Point Judgement, Mastering Position, Speed and Gear, etc. than wobbling around cones in a figure eight.

All it would take is a straightforward message about rider attitude, giving everyday riders easily accessible ways to learn new skills and above all, to teach them not only to find the limits of their bike, but to realise the limits of their own mortality.

Initiatives such as PSNI BIKESAFE, the charity IAM and the ROSPA advanced – riding test contribute to rider safety but it is simply not enough in my opinion for everyday riders: who have neither the time nor money to take further training (note PSNI BIKESAFE is free of charge).

Simple, straightforward schemes, access to further training, changes to the standard test – even more bike – safety advertising on TV – would at least be a start.

These are just a few personal opinions & topics open for debate and I am sure you have other ideas to make biking & the roads in N.I. safer.

That is where you, the everyday rider, comes in – but only if you join to make your voice heard!

So please join not only for your benefit, but also mine & that of every other biker in N.I.

Learn 2 Ride Motorcycle Training proudly supports Right To Ride and their sterling efforts.”

LEARN 2 RIDE Motorcycle Training – www.learn-2-ride-motorcycle-training.co.uk

Learn 2 Ride

Already passed your test and want to improve? – Want to learn how to filter properly? – A summer-rider only? –  Want to learn the ‘5 Secrets Of Machine Control’? – Returning to biking? – Changing to a larger / faster machine? – Going for your BIKESAFE Certificate? – Interested in ROSPA?

Learn 2 Ride

Want to avoid the ‘5 Most Common Accidents’? –  Had a near – miss or crash? –  Have no confidence in the wet? –  Want to learn how to corner correctly? –  In need of help to take pillion passengers? –  Want to learn defensive skills?  – Want to become a member of the IAM? –  About to go on your first Foreign Tour?

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