The New Year Looking Forward

Right to Ride looks forward to the New Year in 2010:

Bikers R Voters

Upcoming Westminster General Election – European Parliament and Assembly watch – what the politicians do for motorcycling.

European Issues

Also a special watch on European Issues – Anti Tampering – Environmental – Compulsory ABS Brakes – Power Limits – Crash Barriers.

Motorcycle Safety in Northern Ireland

What there is OR rather what there isn’t and what there should be!

Lights For All

Running lights mandatory for all vehicles already in use on Irish roads – consultation – ahead of 2011 EU Directive regarding dedicated running lights.

Right To Ride supports:

Ride It Right

The Joey Dunlop Foundation

Right To Ride – Your New Year Resolution:

Book a Bikesafe assessment in 2010 – Enhance your skills.

Bikesafe Northern Ireland

Already taken a Bikesafe assessment? Advance to the next step.

IAM’s Advanced Motorcycling Test

Quick Look At The Sixties

Video – Look – Signal – Manoeuvre – How It Was 1960s – No Indicators – Rear Brake Use and Cool Gear.

[youtube aLAVx19vOZw nolink]


Back in 1966 the UKs Ministry of Transport through the Road Research Laboratory published a report regarding vehicle impact tests on the serious consideration of using hedging.

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