Ancestors MCC Toy Run – Ulster Hospital

Right To Ride headed out to the Ancestors MCC Annual Christmas Toy Run supporting the Children’s Ward at the Ulster Hospital.

The run started in Ballygowan then out to Sprucefield stopping off at Custom House Square Belfast, where the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Naomi Long greeted the run, somewhere in the throng of bikes and well organised mayhem directed by the marshals a BBC film crew were, well, filming.

By all accounts (as we missed out on the run to Belfast) the crowds turned out from the Christmas market outside Belfast City Hall to cheer, wave, photograph the sight of nearly 400 motorcycles riding past with their police escort.

The Toy Run then headed off on its final stage, finishing at the Ulster Hospital.

Donations for the run was £5 a bike and with nearly 400 bikes on the run that equates to somewhere around £2000, so where did the other £700 come from that came to the £2700 total collected, BIG generous bikers that’s where from!

Apart from the large donation the Children’s Ward also received a large, van sized, pile of toys and gifts for Christmas.

We managed to take a few photographs, see below, before the camera battery went flat.

There are sure to be more pictures up on the Ancestors website at

Some videos on You Tube:




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