Antrim Coast Road – Getting It Right

Prompted by two motorcycle fatalities in the Moyle area in April, one on the A2 “Coast Road” Right to Ride was invited to attend meetings with the Moyle District Policing Partnership (DPP).

The outcome of this consultation was the setting up of the Motorcycle Initiative Ride It Right.

An initial public meeting was called at the beginning of June by Councillor Oliver McMullan, Chairman of the Moyle Chairman of DPP, to engage in dialogue with local/regional motorcycle groups/organisations, council representatives of Moyle district (North Antrim Coast Road area) and the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland), including Bikesafe.

This was followed by another meeting at the end of June.

The meetings were well attended with representatives from motorcycle clubs, including the Ancestors MCC, Quay Vipers MCC, Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club and individual riders. With representatives from the Roads Service attending to give an overview of their work.

Councillor Oliver McMullan said, “As Chairman of the DPP, I am very pleased with the overwhelming response to the invites that I sent out for this meeting. Road safety is an issue that is frequently referred to in meetings of the DPP and is, therefore, a topic that I felt compelled to pursue as a Chairman’s initiative in partnership with the relevant bodies concerned.”

In collaboration with the Quay Vipers MCC we prepared a consultation document for the first public meeting.

The aim was to give background information from a motorcyclist’s point of view, regarding the ongoing issue of motorcycle safety concerns about the A 2 Antrim Coast Road – and the continuation of the A2 through the Moyle District Council area.

There is public concern regarding motorcycles and the concentration of riders on the coast road both in the “rural” and “urban” areas. These concerns may be subjective but are genuine for the local population, who may suffer noise intrusion and quality of life issues.

It is a fact that the majority of riders treat the coast road and other vehicle users with respect.

In our opinion there is a minority of riders whose attitude is to use the coast road as a weekend race track and due to their actions, they may be perceived as the majority.

Although these riders’ actions are what are remembered by the public, residents and other users of the coast road, motorcyclists are not and should not be identified as “the problem”.

There are also many instances of reckless car drivers, ignoring traffic regulations and speed warnings.

We welcome the opportunity to participate in these meetings, to offer the riders’ perspective and to engage with the relevant authorities and other members of the public; To find an acceptable way forward regarding the issue of motorcycle safety in the context of looking at the dynamics of the coast road for the safety of all road users.

In his concluding remarks the Chairman said, “I envisage that this group will continue to meet on a regular basis and I welcome the opportunity of exploring initiatives for the promotion of the safe use of the A2 Coast Road and adjoining feeder roads for all road users, in partnership with the relevant authorities.”

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in July and discussions are evolving to hold a motorcycle event in August on the “Causeway Coastal Route”

To read the submitted document pdf 2.9mb – Click Here


Especially at this time of the year “Don’t be an edjit” out there:

Be aware of slow moving traffic – Tractors – Camper Vans – Caravans – Cyclists – Pedestrians crossing the road.

They may not be aware of you and they may not react as you expect!

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