Archives for May 2009

Intelligent Transport Systems – The Motorcycle Factor

High on the European Road Safety agenda is focus on passive and active Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to reduce road casualties. Drawing together stakeholders from within Europe: from the Europe Union (EU) Commission through to user organisations, an initiative called e-Safety claims that: “eSafety brings together the European Commission, industry, public authorities and other stakeholders […]

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Motorcycle Access Prohibited

No Motorcycles For The Weekend! Got your touring holiday booked – heading off – panniers packed – tank bag strapped on? Right To Ride reports on a successful motorcycle business in Germany that faces disaster because of a prohibition banning motorcycles along a stretch of road. A real threat to us as a riding community […]

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Near Miss Riders Survey

The objective of this survey is to provide evidence as to why collisions with other road users and road infrastructure occur. The survey began at the end of May 2009 and ran for two months and was published through the Write To Ride website and newsletter, our riders and motorcycle club contact list, News Feed, […]

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