The Joey Dunlop Foundation

Here at Right To Ride we come from an era, as motorcyclists attending track and road races, that we were privileged to watch and cheer Joey on and remember with great sadness the exact moment and place when the tragedy that stuck was announced.

William Joseph Dunlop, OBE, MBE., will long be remembered by bikers world wide and his many friends for his record breaking achievements on the famous Isle of Man TT Mountain circuit.

However, many people may not be aware that family man Joey was a caring person who undertook a number of lone and dangerous missions to the former Eastern European Countries in a van loaded with gifts and provisions for young children who were being deprived of live’s essentials.

At the age of 48 just weeks after winning his final Isle of Man TT in 2000, Joey died as a result of a crash during a 125 race in the Republic of Estonia.

A group of ardent Joey fans decided to approach his wife Linda, to seek her agreement to raise funds to construct a facility that would be of benefit to the community and also be a fitting memorial in recognition of the varied achievements of the person affectingly known as ‘Yer Maun’.

It was during the initial discussions with Linda and Honda’s Bob McMillan that it was revealed that Joey would have liked to have constructed a facility to benefit people, especially children, with a disability.

The Joey Dunlop Foundation

The Joey Dunlop Foundation has always promoted that its main aim is to provide disabled accessible accommodation for disabled visitors who wish to visit the Isle of Man.

Suffering some set backs from the initial big fundraising boost at the 2001 TT, which was to kick start the project but due to the foot and mouth disaster the TT was canceled, the Foundation pressed on.

The Foundation have continued on with the fundraising efforts and the bank balance is increasing all the time.

This is not only down to the hard work and long hours of the small number of committee members but down to the huge generosity from the Joey Dunlop Supporters all over the World!

The Joey Dunlop Holiday Home was formally opened on the 6th June 2010 by Linda Dunlop accompanied by John McGuinness. The large 3 bedroom apartment and the ground floor 2 bedroom apartment along with the Utilities room within the garage was open to the general public to view.
“Thank you to all the loyal supporters who have helped us over the years and we hope that you continue to help the Foundation keep the holiday home running in future years!”

To find out full details of the foundation and the continued fund raising efforts, visit the Joey Dunlop Foundation website or Facebook page.

Joey Dunlop Foundation on Facebook

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