NABD – National Association of Bikers with a Disability

Right To Ride supports NABD (The National Association of Bikers with a Disability) an organisation that directly helps disabled people to enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling.

NABD is a national charity in the UK and has been instrumental in setting up similar groups in Norway, Sweden, France and Japan since its formation in 1991.

Northern Ireland is a Region within NABD.

NABD has 7,000+ individual members and the support of over 200 affiliated clubs and businesses, depending mainly on donations from individuals, motorcycle clubs or companies.

These funds are used 100% for the benefit of and services for disabled riders (the administration costs of the association are met from other sources).  The NABD have only two paid employees, a full time office administrator and a full time admin assistant, all of the other people working for NABD are volunteers.

Over the past 21 years NABD has directly helped over seven thousand disabled riders to enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling, in whatever way they came by their disability – whether by accident, through illness, or from birth.

The social side of NABD has gained an excellent reputation over the years, running small fundraising parties around Britain throughout the year and two ‘full blown’ motorcycle rallies annually.

NABD In Northern Ireland

If you have attended some of the motorcycle rallies in Northern Ireland, you may have visited the NABD stand.

Right To Ride’s Trevor Baird says, “Our previous support for NABD has been to advertise in NABD’s quarterly magazine ‘Open House’. However although companies and businesses and indeed motorcycle clubs can affiliate, we went down the individual membership route.”

Click to see the video of Diamond Trikes Thumb Brake mechanism. This brake modification allows a one arm rider to brake using their thumb, available in front, rear or dual braking.

‘Open House’ which all members receive, features articles on recent adaptions, matters of interest, loads of useful contacts, details of future plans and events.

In Northern Ireland, Co Armagh business Diamond Trikes – – has a Gold Affiliation with NABD, in recognition of their invaluable support for the Learner Loaner Scheme in Northern Ireland.

The 125cc learner motorcycle is maintained by Diamond Trikes’ Derek Winter Proprietor, adapts the motorcycle for each learner rider depending on their individual disability and then this enables them to get back on the road or to undergo initial training for those wishing to take up motorcycling.

NABD also operates a system of financial grants to help disabled riders with the cost of special adaptation work to motorcycles and trikes, necessary to suit their individual needs.

Diamond Trikes has an approved engineer for this purpose and has helped many riders avail of this service, to get them on the road again.

NABD welcomes all motorcyclists, scooterists, and trike riders.

You do not have to be disabled to join and support their efforts.


Find out more about the NABD at

Bikers Helping Bikers NABD Supporters Group – NABD in Ireland – On Facebook

Check out the NABDs members magazine Open House as it goes online at

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