Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group

Right To Ride is proud to have been accepted as an associated member of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG).

The MCRG is a partnership made up of representatives from rider interest groups, the insurance and security industries, motorcycle manufacturers and retailers, and the Police with links to, and contributions from, the Home Office.

The group as the title suggests is looking at issues surrounding motorcycles and also scooter theft and has identified the specific problems regarding theft which has wider-reaching implications for society at a number of levels:

  • The individual owner suffers financial loss, reduced mobility, which can in turn affect their ability to work and enjoy recreation time.
  • It affects society, contributing to the overall levels of crime and specifically reducing the quality of life for those communities affected directly by motorcycle crime.
  • Motorcycle and scooter theft operates from the level of the opportunist thief through to organised crime gangs where the thefts form part of a wider criminal network.
  • Motorcycles and scooters are more vulnerable to theft than cars simply because they can be more easily removed, secreted, broken up and disposed of.
  • The recovery rate of stolen motorcycles and scooters is very low in comparison to cars and larger vehicles.

The MRCG is focusing attention and raising awareness on the problem of motorcycle crime reduction at all levels including measures that can be taken by riders, manufacturers and motorcycle retailers to protect their machine.

A security check list poster for Motorcycle dealers headed “The Shocking Truth about Motorcycle Theft in the UK” is in production, which will highlight issues that motorcycle retailers and riders face, with the possibility the criminals get away with it. Because dealers often simply do not match a chassis/ frame and engine number to the log book and registration to verify the bikes status and of course these things are, or appear to be, genuine.

Literally hundreds of bikes are being seized by the police from motorcycle dealers who are totally unaware that they have been conned.

Individual Motorcycle User

What can you as a motorcyclist or scooter rider do to – “Make sure it’s not you!”

  • Permanently mark and register your Motorcycle or Scooter with a Thatcham approved system to deter criminals
  • Securely lock your machine using a tested lock and chain to a ground anchor or permanent street furniture
  • Use effective anti theft immobilisers, alarms and satellite tracking systems.
  • Take effective measures regarding street and overnight parking.

Make sure it’s not you!

Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group

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