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A big thank you to all those individual riders, clubs, groups, associations who supported us through the years.

As we have now “closed” down Right To Ride we are not taking on any more supporters.

If you wish to support rider’s rights in some form in the UK you can join the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) or the Motorcycle Action group (MAG).

For Ireland check out MAG Ireland – The Irish Motorcyclists’ Association.

If you feel none of these are for you can donate directly to the Federation of European Motorcyclists Federation (FEMA) or find your rider organisation from other parts.

Check them all out and their subscription fees from the links on Right To Ride – Click Here

All original pictures and specifically the Right To Ride logo are the property of Right To Ride Ltd.

We appreciate the use of the Right To Ride logo on websites to promote Right To Ride and the promotion of  riders’ rights in Northern Ireland.

However we reserve the right to ask for removal of the logo and link if we deem your site to be unsuitable, to be contrary to the aims and position of Right To Ride – Write To Ride, has been modified or adapted.

We appreciate any link you may put on your website or publications in the spirit of promoting and protecting motorcycling.

Unfortunately we cannot reciprocate links on our website unless these are offering only information and advice regarding motorcycling.
We do link to our supporters.

For further details please contact info@righttoride.co.uk

Further details are available on the Disclaimer page Here

Right To Ride – Write To Ride – Full Control

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