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Graeme Hay Government Relations Executive - Edward Foreman Technical Specialist - Picture Via BMF The BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) have announced on their Facebook page that they have been joined by Mr Edward Foreman as their Technical Specialist.

Graeme Hay the BMFs Government Relations Executive said, I had the great pleasure of meeting with Mr Edward Foreman on Tuesday, at Bourton-on-the-water.

Ted, as he prefers to be known has a substantial career in Vehicle regulations, Type approval etc.

He has agreed to join us as a BMF technical specialist looking way, way into the future on forthcoming vehicle regulations from the UNECE and EU.

Ted will not only be looking at motorcycle issues but also car, bus and truck.

This is because he is aware of how regulations for other vehicle types can have potentially detrimental consequences for us, the more vulnerable road users.

Just think of those huge, sloping “a” pillars on recent cars – a blind-spot creator if ever there was one.

It was a beautiful day and so Ted brought his latest purchase – a new Royal Enfield GT Continental down from Staffordshire for the run.

It is a real little beauty and so well suited to our unimproved older A roads and B roads too. Welcome aboard, Ted.”

So this an interesting “appointment”, lets hope Ted can slide into the position and can adapt to and knows the ways and ups and downs of voluntary organisations, we wish him the best of luck.

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