New President MAG Belgium

MAG Belgium Elects a New President!

dirk_br5smallMAG Belgium has communicated that on Friday 8th November 2013 there was white smoke from the chimney of a meeting room, which was a sign to the outside world that they had elected a new National President.

The new President is Dirk Bruynincx who has been in MAG Belgium right from the very beginning when it started in 1993 and he follows in the footsteps of the long term serving previous President Theo Beeldens.

At Right To Ride, in our previous riders rights lives we sat through meetings to listen to and debate with the larger than life character that is Theo Beeldens.

Dirk’s primary priority for MAG Belgium will be in defending the interests of all motorcyclists and motorcycle riders and to get the organization back to its roots with the slogan “Together we are strong“.

Dirk also hopes to get back a MAG committee in all Flemish provinces, where MAG Belgium members can ask questions.

For the members of Flemish Brabant, (province of Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium) Dirk is asking for suitable locations by where he can come to meet with riders.

Dirk says that this is only possible with riders’ support and he plans in the coming months to visit all provinces, so that riders and members can get acquainted with him personally and he appeals to anyone who wants to work with MAG Belgium as a volunteer.

We wish Dirk all the best in driving MAG Belgium forward and all our best wishes wherever Theo has “retired” to!

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MAG Belgium

Motorcycle Action Group Belgium (MAG) aims:
Represent the interests of motorcyclists and for motorized two-or three-wheelers in general
To promote Motorcycling
Discrimination against motorcyclists counter
Pursue the advancement of road safety for motorcyclists
To represent the motorcyclists

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